Ethics Code

“We are strongly committed to the development of Latin America, its people, institutions and environment.”

Alaya Capital was born with the motivation to mobilize capital towards innovation in order to boost the economic and social development of the region. We are convinced that there is only one way to achieve this purpose: a management that respects people, the environment and the transparency of institutions. 

We have developed our Code of Ethics with mechanisms that allow us to resolve conflicts with transparency, respect and morality.

This Code of Ethics is based on a series of policies that have been signed and accepted by the team and partners of Alaya Capital.

The policies that make up the Code of Ethics are:

  • Recruitment & Selection Policy: We are committed to seek, recruit, hire and develop talent in alignment with legal regulations and the values of the organization, seeking to generate an equitable and accessible environment for all people.
  • Anti-harassment and/or discrimination policy: We are committed to building and supporting healthy workplaces through the prevention, reporting and remediation of any conduct that involves harassment and/or discrimination.
  • Sustainable Investment Policy: We are committed to acting as responsible investors by aligning financial and sustainable development objectives in every investment decision.
  • Anti-corruption policy: We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and integrity in our relationships and activities.
  • Anti-money laundering policy: We are committed to execute the capital with the responsibility that ethics, professionalism and legal regulations demand.
  • Conflict of interest policy: We are committed to capitalize our experience as investors in a manual of practices that will allow us to efficiently and fairly resolve conflicts of interest that may arise between Alaya, the invested companies and the group of investors.

In case situations arise that conflict with our policies, we have an Ethics Committee that ensures the proper investigation and resolution of such situations. If the persons allegedly involved are on the Committee, we have mechanisms to exclude them from the process.

If you want to report a situation that is in conflict with this policy, you can securely make your complaint here.

Your report (anonymously or not, as you choose) will be received with total confidentiality and will be treated by our Ethics Committee, isolating the persons involved.