General Partner

Carlos Baradello (PhD) is an investor, advisor and lecturer, as well as a leading professional in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. His wide experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world allows him to transmit the key aspects to support all the high-growth phases and their global competitiveness.

He is the founder and managing partner of Sausalito Global Scaling, company dedicated to facilitating the global scaling of startup projects in Latin America. Former corporate Vice President of Motorola for the Latin American and Caribbean region, he developed the Motorola Center in Argentina and Chile. He has been involved in the telecommunications and computers industry for more than 30 years, and has had executive positions in ITT, NYNEX and Digital Equipment Corporation. Mr. Baradello was Vice President of Engineering and CTO of Advanced Fibre Communications, a company that carried out one of the most successful IPOs in 1997. He is interested in creating new global businesses, venture capital investment in dynamic startups, business acceleration and global scaling for those new companies born in developing economies. Carlos is the founder of the prestigious academic program for foreign executives: Silicon Valley Immersions of San Francisco University and former Associate Dean of its Global Programs for Executives. His has academic responsibilities throughout the four continents as he is a faculty member of the Hult Business School, UC Berkeley, Technical University of Denmark, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Chile),CENTRUM Católica Perú and the University of International Business and Economic (Beijing, China).

Carlos graduated summa cum laude as an Engineer from the Catholic University of Córdoba. He holds a Masters Degree from Eindhoven University of Technology and holds a PhD Degree in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (EEUU).


General Partner

Mario is Co-founder and President of Vates S.A., a software development company with more than 25 years of experience in the market, and the first one in the country to achieve the CMMI level 5 certification, the highest standard in the area.

His professional career began at the IT Department of a Public Administration Organization (Dirección de Informática de la Subsecretaría de la función Pública y la Reforma Administrativa). Later, he worked as a Development Manager at the IT Direction of the Judiciary of the Province of Córdoba. He was the Director of KANAV S.A., a company committed to the development of software for Software Factories Administration.

He was also co-founder and former President of Córdoba Technology Cluster. He participated in the founding Committee of the Technological Institute of Córdoba and was a member of its Board of Administration.

Furthermore, he takes part in the board of directors of prestigious organizations, such as: UVITEC Foundation (Technology Liaison Unit between the Industrial Union, the International Chamber of Commerce and the Córdoba Stock Exchange), Endeavor Córdoba Foundation, E+E Foundation and Córdoba Mejora Foundation.

He graduated with the highest GPA in Information Systems Engineering and was awarded the gold medal by the National Technological University – Córdoba Region. He also received the Businessman of the Year Award 2007 from the well-known newspaper La Voz del Interior.



Luis Bermejo was co-founder of PLANOUX, consulting group specialized in strategic execution, business development, finance and corporate development.

He was the Executive Director of Fundación Córdoba TIC, organization constituted by companies from the ICT sector, universities and the government of Córdoba. He was also responsible for the definition and execution of the strategic development plan of the technology sector. Mr. Bermejo was the Managing Director of JG Ventures Argentina, a venture capital firm specialized in BPO in Latin America. He worked as a Project and Business Manager at EDS Argentina and was in charge of the implementation of new off-shore services with IT orientation for the United States and Europe. He was senior consultant at Ernst & Young Paris for 3 years, participating in global companies’ projects such as Euro Disney, GroupeAlcan, EuroFactor and Sonepar France.

Luis Bermejo is a Board member of Fundación Endeavour Córdoba and DoingLabs (incubator of Blas Pascal University), professor and mentor in different educational institutions and NGOs of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

He graduated as a Chartered Accountant from the National University of Córdoba and has a dual MBA degree from the Catholic University of Córdoba and Montpellier Business School (France).

At Alaya, Luis is in charge of leading the Accelerator’s operations. He deals with corporate connections and relationships with other institutions from Argentina and abroad. He contacts potential investors and manages the links with them. He also selects the startups to invest in accordance with the specifications of the Board, monitors their management and follows them up for their exit. Additionally, he is in charge of the linkage between entrepreneurs and Corporations. His experience in the management of Alaya I and Alaya II Funds and of JGVA as well as his corporate career, validate his expertise and experience in the venture capital industry in the region.


General Partner

Oscar Guardianelli has a vast and prestigious career in the top management of Grupo Arcor (global company of the food sector), where he worked as the Industrial Operations Manager. He has wide connections with businesspeople from Córdoba and the rest of the world, which contributes to linking startups and big corporations, and brings Alaya closer to new investors.

Mr. Guardianelli is Former President of Agencia Pro-Córdoba (promotion agency of the government of Córdoba for the internationalization of local companies). He is also former President of the Industrial Union of Córdoba (Unión Industrial de Córdoba, UIC), local business organization that brings together the main Business Chambers and local companies.

Oscar is a Mechanical Electrical Engineer (National University of Córdoba) and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management.


General Partner

Omar Vega has more than 25 years of experience in the software industry. He is co-founder of VATES S.A., a software development company with a high volume of operations locally as well as globally. He is currently the Director of the company and gives strategic support to the commercial and production areas, towards the internal and external market.

His working career started at UNISYS and later he started his own business with the creation of VATES. He has worked in the Telecommunications Industry for 15 years, participating in different projects as provider of Claro (America Móvil). He has experience in business related to Big Data, Machine Learning and IOT.

Mr. Vega is Vice-president of CESSI (Chamber of Computer Services Companies of Argentina) and Secretary of the Science, Technology and Innovation Department of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA). He graduated as a Systems Engineer from the National Technological University – Córdoba. He is a self-taught professional, constantly taking updates at Technology Programs, mainly from the United States.

Alaya relies on a full-time specialized operations team, which supports Alaya’s founding team and its General Manager, Luis Bermejo.

Claudio Barahona


Claudio founded his first startup being 18 years old, which he sold six years later. He is a Civil Industrial Engineer from the Universidad de Chile and has devoted a large part of his career to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Chile. In addition, he was director of the Chilean Venture Capital Association from 2018 to 2019. Diario Financiero, one of the main business media in his country, recognized him as one of the “Young Influencer 2017” for his outstanding career in the national innovation ecosystem. 

From 2011 to 2019 he was Open Innovation Manager of Movistar Chile and leader of Wayra, the initiative of Telefónica that connects the company with startups and innovation ecosystems and invests as corporate venture capital in innovative technology companies with global scalability. In 2019 he founded the initiative Corporate Venturing Latam, that seeks to map and incentivize CVC in LatAm.

He is currently Managing Partner of Alaya Capital, an Latin American Venture Capital fund, and dedicates some of his time promoting CVC and making angel investments in startups.

Giuliana Bonaparte


Giuliana worked for more than 6 years in PwC leading financial audits to large clients and participating in high complexity projects in national and international environment. Also, she was member of Renault Argentina as Operations Controller, where she carried out management tasks in the commercial area. During her abroad experience, she worked in the financial area of ​​Novartis as a key point between Switzerland and Spain office. Giuliana is part of Alaya team as Senior Business Analyst. Her profile provides an analytical perspective in the selecting and monitoring portfolio investments process. She carries out the internal aspects of financial administration including budget performance and follow-up, financial statements preparation, in compliance with legal, accounting and tax obligations. At the academic background, she is a Public Accountant at the Catholic University of Córdoba where she also completed a Diploma in Finance Management. She holds an MBA degree at the University of Barcelona.



She has a solid background due to her experience at intermediate institutions and IT companies. Her experience combines a comprehensive management at operating and professional development areas with the planning and coordination of business development projects, organization of congresses and training sessions as well as public and private projects funding.

Maira was the Operations Manager at Córdoba Technology Cluster, a firm that clustered 170 technology companies, where Maira organized Exports activities, Training sessions and Business Development.

She coordinated international public and private projects by creating, executing and coordinating team groups. She has experience with multilateral organisms’ projects such as the BID’s, especially regarding the technology vertical. She holds a Diploma in Education Science from the Catholic University of Córdoba and teaches graduate level at Universidad Siglo 21.

At Alaya, Maira is responsible for the formalization and execution of a project’s general processes that have been approved and revised by the Executive Director. She is in charge of coordinating invested companies’ support and acceleration processes. In other words, she trains entrepreneurs (in all the areas), advises mentors and assists beneficiaries constantly. She will also soon collaborate in investors’ related activities.



Milagros has experience in the field of business administration, tasks related to accounting, budget control and internal audit.
She was part of the staff of Cysco SRL and Grupo Codesur, prestigious firms belonging to the field of private and public construction.
Currently, she is in charge of administration at Alaya.
She is studying her last year of the career of Public Accountant at the National University of Córdoba.

Jorge Hernandez


Jorge is a Business Engineer and Administrator, with over 10 years of international experience in strategic planning, organization development and health, creating alliances and strategic partnerships, and management of sales and marketing companies. He has been instrumental in starting companies from the ground up including designing the organization structure, corporate policies and guidelines, creating marketing and sales strategies, and building and managing diverse teams. He served as the Assistant General Manager of Administration and Head of Sales for Process & Fluids Technology SpA, which is a company that imports industrial components for the Mining, Pulp, Energy, Refinery, and Petrochemical industries within Chile. He also has experience as the General Manager for Vista Digital Studios, an audio and visual marketing agency specializing in TV commercials, documentaries and movies. Also he served in similar positions in other companies. Jorge is from Chile and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Universidad de las Americas in Chile. He also attended 2 years of law school and 4 years of Computer Engineering at Universidad de Concepcion.

Claudia Ponce


Claudia is a Communication Professional, with experience in the Production area. She has more than 10 years of experience in processing, administration and management. She has worked in renowned law and consulting firms like Wilson & Abogados and Practia Consulting where she gained legal, administrative and financial knowledge.