We could be your next investor!

To get the best match we tell you about our Investment Thesis

How do we invest?

We ❤️ coinvest

Coinvesting with other top VCs funds in the world.

Seed and Series A.

Our checks range from $500.000 to $1M. 

Leader or Follower

We feel comfortable leading rounds or being a follower, adapting our strategy case by case.

Equity or SAFE

We look forward to engage with the best terms according to your fundraising strategy.

We will help you with..

Regional Scaling

Our regional footprint and knowhow makes us experts helping startups to open the next markets in the region. Together, we will design a costumized plan for your startup to kick off operations in a new country.


99% of your money will be invested in People. We will help with the strategy how to get the best talent, retain and incentive them.


Its all about scaling your unit economics. With our growth experts you will get the advice how to do it.

Next Round Fundraising

Getting in touch with our global network, we will help you to raise the next rounds for your company (A+, B/C)

In which industries?

Must be in the sectors defined for New Business Digital Transformation or New Digital Consumer.

Startups we love have in common…

From Spanish-speaking Latam

If your country is in Latin America and you speak spanish, you fit our investment thesis!

Exceptional Founders

Experienced team that combines business, technology and finance.Ideally 2 or more founders with a global vision.

High Tech

An innovative product or service, where technology is core for the business.

Ambition to take a Global Opportunity

A good market share to capture and where the company has a clear fast-mover advantage, with the ambition to grow the business x10 in the next three years.

Ready for Regional Scaling

Startups leading their country of origin, ready to scale-up to the next market, looking for a regional footprint.

You have Traction

You have sales and reached already the product-market-fit (PMF), ready for growth.

Purpose of Impact

Our investments must have a positive impact that is measurable through SDGs or ESG.

If you like our fund, our team and our values, apply here.

We will contact you in no more than fifteen days.