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Investment Thesis

From Latam

We invest in Latin American teams.

The Best Team

Experienced team that combines business, technology and finance. Ideally 2 or more founders with a global vision.


A technological and innovative product or service, where technology is a core part of the business (hightech).


  • For Seed investments: have sales, which allows concluding that there is product-market-fit (PMF). 
  • For Series A investments: at least turnover. 

In addition, a trend of an incremental sales curve, a short sales cycle and customers “lining up” must be seen. 


This opportunity must be global, with a good market share to capture and where the company has a clear fast-mover advantage.

Go Regional

Startups leading their country of origin, ready to scale-up regionally (scale-ups), looking for a regional footprint


The team must have the ambition to grow the business x10 in the next three years.

Purpose of Impact

Our investments must have a positive impact that is measurable through SDGs or ESG.


Entrepreneurs have a clear, realistic and achievable exit strategy.


Must be in the sectors defined for New Business Digital Transformation or New Digital Consumer.

New Business Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0

E-commerce & Logistics

B2B Fintech

Data & Analytics

B2B SaaS

New Digital Consumer

Apps & Mobility for a better Lifestyle


Fintech for Consumers

Food & AgTech


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